Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Cloud Computing 2020

About Conference

The Conference Series LLC Ltd organizes conferences around the world to proffer our immense pleasure and honour in extending you a warm welcome to attend Cloud Computing 2019. This conference is focusing on the theme ‘Cloud computing is the third wave of the digital revolution.’ to enhance and explore the latest trends & advancements in the current technology on cloud computing among the It professionals, software engineers, and innovators along with the  Industrial community to establish corporations and exchanging ideas for a better understanding of the field of Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing 2020 aims to provide the right stage to present stimulating keynote talks, plenary sessions, panel discussion, b2b meetings, posters, symposia, video presentations, and workshops.
Conference Series invites all the experts and researchers from the Computer Engineering sector all over the world to attend “International conference on “Cloud Computing and Virtualization“  (CLOUD COMPUTING 2020) which is going to be held on May 21-22, 2020 London, UK. CLOUD COMPUTING 2020 conference includes Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster Presentations, Workshops, and Exhibitors. Cloud Computing and Virtualization are forthcoming use in Big Data Analysis, File Storage ,Disaster recovery and Backup etc.  Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on shared computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. Cloud computing is taking services ("cloud services") and moving them outside an organization's firewall. Applications, storage and other services are accessed via the Web. The services are delivered and used over the Internet and are paid for by the cloud customer on an as-needed or pay-per-use business model. The most other engineering majors work with Virtual Technology, but the heart of Virtual Technology is Cloud Computing and software engineering across all the disciples. CLOUD COMPUTING 2020 conference is also comprised of Best Post Awards, Best Oral Presentation Awards, Young Researchers Forums (YRF) and also Video Presentation by experts. We are glad to welcome you all to join and register for the “International conference on Cloud Computing and Virtualization”  which is going to be held during May 21-22, 2020 London, UK. 
Why to attend Cloud Computing 2020?
With members from around the world focused on Cloud Computing and Virtualization this is your best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the universities, colleges, research centers, societies, institutions, labs, associations, communities and companies etc. We want to make a worldwide meet in which data between researchers from the different controls can be effectively traded. The explanation behind bringing the general population at the meetings together is to catalyse empowering trades and connections between experts in different fields, from physical science to engineering. It will make new interdisciplinary systems and permit members to trade know-how and data to accomplish speedier and better results.The field of Cloud Computing and Virtualization have not only helped the development in different fields in science and technology but also contributed towards the improvement of the quality of human life. The core aim of CLOUD COMPUTING 2020 Conference is to provide an opportunity for the delegates to meet, interact and exchange innovative ideas in the various areas of Cloud Computing  and Virtual Technology . The joy of attending CLOUD COMPUTING 2020 brings with it improvement and incremental growth in your approach to do things, in the broader manner to see things in international diversity.

Conference Highlights
  • Cloud computing for the mobile world
  • Cloud Economy
  • Enterprise Applications on the Cloud
  • QoS for applications on clouds
  • Optimization and performance issues on clouds
  • Communication protocols for clouds
  • Databases for clouds
  • Security as a service
  • Big data management and analytics
  • Cloud Storage and Big data analytics
  • Large Scale Cloud Applications
  • Energy aware data storage in cloud computing
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Availability and Reliability
  • Cloud Computing for IoT Applications
  • Architectural Models for Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization of the infrastructure
  • Serverless Computing
  • Elasticity in clouds
  • Storage virtualization
  • Green computing models for clouds
  • Programming models for clouds

Special Issues

 - All accepted abstracts will be published in respective Conference Series LLC LTD International Journals.
 - Abstracts will be provided with Digital Object Identifier by Cross Ref.